& the creator capital markets

The rise of content creators and community builders has led to a net new asset in our world — clout.

As it can’t be bought, clout is one of the most sought-after assets a creator has. When your level of influence could bring in millions of dollars a year, it’s frustrating that the traditional capital markets don’t recognize it.

That’s where new fintech companies have an interesting angle — by deeply understanding how content creators make their money, these companies can leverage tech to provide liquidity to creators. …

why the creator economy is primed and ready for embedded finance

The creator economy is beyond buzzworthy. but for good reason- with the convergence of our work and personal life, a large part of our identity is being shaped around the occupation that we hold. The pandemic has also shown a need for income diversification amidst mass layoffs of knowledge workers. These factors are pushing more and more people to go into the creator world and thus the opportunity to capture value within the creator-stack enlarges.

Creator centric platforms are at an advantage to beat traditional finance to adapting to…


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